Zaggle: Best Digital Expense Management Platform India 2024


Zaggle, one of India’s leading FinTech innovators, has been transforming the way businesses manage spending. With some 300+ employees, 3 network partners, 3 million users and 3,000 enterprise customers, this company has issued 50 million pre-paid cards since its establishment. The award panel cited Zaggle’s user-centric platforms which seamlessly integrate expense tracking, the prepaid cards, and robust analytics tools as class leading.  Its customised solutions cater to the needs of diverse businesses, streamlining workflows and empowering organisations to make data-driven financial decisions while ensuring transparency and monitoring ESG factors. Zaggle’s focus on innovation is evident in an ever-evolving suite of features, designed to enhance efficiency and transparency. The company’s strong market position and dedication to customer satisfaction has solidified its winning status in India’s competitive FinTech landscape. Zaggle is working with 11 Indian banks and looks set to expand the offer to global markets with up to 50 percent growth expected this year. The team has consistently under-promised and over-delivered to clients and the judging panel has little doubt that Zaggle will become a major force in the global market over the coming years. The company’s dedication to continuous innovation, coupled with a rapidly growing market presence, positions Zaggle at the forefront of India’s FinTech landscape.  This well-deserved award underscores Zaggle’s commitment to revolutionising the way businesses manage their expenses. The panel has absolutely no hesitation in declaring Zaggle as winner of the 2024 award Best Digital Expense Management Platform (India).

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