Golomt Bank: Best Bank Mongolia 2024

Golomt Bank

Established in 1995, Golomt Bank has emerged as a cornerstone of Mongolia’s financial landscape, serving over 1,000,000 customers with comprehensive array of banking solutions tailored to both individual and corporate needs. As Mongolia’s third-largest commercial bank, it boasts an extensive network of 100 branches across the nation, ensuring widespread accessibility and convenience. The bank has been a pioneer in digital banking in Mongolia, introducing a variety of online and mobile banking services that highlight its dedication to customer convenience and technological innovation. Its diverse product offerings include conventional banking services alongside specialized financial solutions like loans to supports woman entrepreneurs, green loans, the first fintech service SocialPay digital wallet, and educated packages designed specifically for the youth, under the Junior brand. These initiatives are part of Golomt Bank’s broader commitment to sustainable banking, evident in its provision of environmentally friendly loans that support responsible financial growth. On the corporate side, the bank offers an array of services ranging from trade finance to bespoke digital product training, all tailored to enhance efficiency and security for business operations. Golomt Bank has also expanded its footprint in international markets, facilitating seamless global transactions for Mongolian companies with reliable and secure payment solutions. The Bank’s recent publication of its unaudited financial results for the first quarter of 2024 further underscores its commitment to transparency and prudent financial management. The panel confirms that this steadfast dedication to innovation, client satisfaction, and sustainable banking practices firmly established Golomt Bank as the rightful recipient of the 2024 award Best Bank (Mongolia).