Vattanac Bank: Most Responsible Bank Cambodia 2021


Vattanac Bank, a 100% Cambodian-owned bank, celebrated its 19th anniversary on 8 November 2021. The bank has built an expansive network of 29 branches, 12 of them in Phnom Penh and 17 spread out in other Provinces. It has invested to establish a strong service culture and mobile platform for retail and commercial banking. Vattanac’s Board of Directors strikes a balance between male and female members, who are appointed by the shareholders general assembly and confirmed by the National Bank of Cambodia. Vattanac Bank is a responsible employer that has developed job enrichment and leadership training programmes to offer opportunities for personal and professional growth. The bank has clear policies and guidelines that delegate duties and responsibilities among staff, so employees feel empowered to take the initiative to ensure the strongest corporate governance and best customer care.

Vattanac Bank encourages employees to volunteer and support community causes — and the bank leads by example. In 2021, Vattanac Bank donated Covid-19 rapid test kits and medical supplies in Phnom Penh and in the provinces, in addition to its $1million donation to the national fundraising campaign for Covid-19 vaccines in 2020.  It supported Smile Cambodia – to provide free cleft-lip and palate operations, several other NGOs, sporting events and financial forums.

Vattanac Bank promises transparency and to act with the ethics and accountability of a highly responsible corporate citizen. Vattanac Bank is doing good deeds and good business, which contributes to its trustworthy reputation and strong financial position. The judging panel presents Vattanac Bank with the 2021 Most Responsible Bank (Cambodia) award.