Nepal SBI Bank Ltd.: Best Corporate Banking Solutions Nepal 2022

Nepal SBI Bank

Nepal SBI Bank Ltd. (NSBL), a subsidiary of State Bank of India (SBI) which was established in July 1993 is one of the leading ‘A Class’ banks of Nepal. SBI holds 55% of ownership, Nepal Employee Provident Fund (Karmachari Sanchaya Kosh) holds 15% and the balance 30% shares are held by the General Public. NSBL has established its footprint in Nepal with its 910 employees at 129 outlets across 51 districts. Clients appreciate the convenience of NSBL’s ATM network and multichannel banking (SMS, internet and mobile applications). NSBL is known for introducing new initiatives/technology in Nepal. This year, the bank has introduced acquiring of RuPay card in Nepal and is the only bank in Nepal to accept RuPay cards in ATMs and point of sales (POS). Likewise, NSBL is in process to launch its own integrated digital banking application i.e., YONO Nepal SBI. YONO (You Only Need One) is a flagship app of SBI and is also recognised as a super app. NSBL strives to provide personal and corporate banking clients with high-quality, reliable financial solutions. It offers a range of remittance services, deposit accounts and credit solutions. The Bank has consistently been able to put a special focus on productive sector lending to mid and large sized corporates to align itself with expansionary fiscal and monetary policy goals of Government and Central Bank. NSBL has been catering to the financial needs of Corporate Houses with convenient loan products, easy processing, competitive interest rates and personalized service. As part of State Bank Group, corporate customers of NSBL have access to a wide network of more than 22,000 SBI branches in India and 233 offices in 32 countries. Besides, there is seamless remittance arrangement with more than 75,000 branch offices of 106 banks in India which has facilitated cross border trade as well as complemented mobility of labour between India, Nepal and Gulf countries. NSBL is thus able to leverage its status as part of a wider SBI Group network to provide better credit terms to its corporate customers in trade finance operations providing better opportunities in terms of LC advising, discounting, negotiation and counter-guarantee facilities across the region. Corporate Borrowers, besides availing loan limits from the Bank, also enjoy other value-added facilities like fund management in their accounts, disbursement of employee salary, demand loans to employees against corporate guarantee, retail loans to the employees at preferential terms, etc. The Bank provides advisory services to its corporate customers in areas like management of working capital, profit maximization, regularization of statutory obligations, review of product lines, adoption of new technologies, etc. The judging panel presents Nepal SBI Bank Limited – a repeat programme winner – with the 2022 Best Corporate Banking Solutions (Nepal) award.