La Trobe Financial: Best Investment Management Team Australia 2021

La Trobe Financial

La Trobe Financial is an Australian investment manager and financial services provider that consistently earns the highest ratings from the country’s independent fund ratings agencies. The firm has been in operation since 1952; it now serves 70,000 investors and manages $13bn in assets. The team is united by a commitment to make positive impacts, helping people to build wealth while contributing towards a sustainable future. La Trobe Financial offers a range of investment, financing and insurance solutions. It has seen significant growth over the past 12 months, with AUM up by 36 percent. La Trobe Financial has managed to outperform the benchmark for its flagship strategy against the challenging backdrop of the global pandemic. La Trobe Financial has a proud track record of fiduciary responsibility, having never lost a cent of investor capital nor missed a monthly distribution of interest income. The firm has launched two new offerings — a six-month notice account and a two-year account — in response to strong investor demand. The six-month notice account invests in mortgage assets, Australian cash and other credit instruments, while the two-year account focuses on registered first mortgage loans with low volatility. La Trobe Financial is a Blackstone portfolio company, a leading investment firm with $731bn in AUM. The company and its leadership have been repeatedly recognised in industry awards programmes. The judging panel adds its own accolade, announcing La Trobe Financial as the 2021 Best Investment Management Team (Australia) award winner.