Jusan Invest: Best Investment Solutions Kazakhstan 2021

Jusan Investments

Jusan Invest is on a mission to boost financial literacy — and prosperity — across Kazakhstan. It has launched a free online academy to educate clients on investing basics and aims to empower the next generation of investors by providing financial literacy courses to schools and universities. The firm also established its own social network to connect clients for informal knowledge sharing and skills building. Jusan Invest has undertaken a digital transformation that has resulted in significant time and cost efficiencies as well as ecological benefits. Clients are onboarded to the trading platform in a convenient and secure digital process. The app interface is intuitive and interactive, with biometric controls to approve buy and sell transactions and a modern visual layout that helps investors understand a fund’s ESG footprint. Jusan Invest also has offices strategically located throughout the country for any clients that prefer interacting face to face. It manages mutual funds with concern for ESG principles, excluding companies with poor compliance from the investment universe. The firm has a welcoming corporate culture, with a relaxed dress code and flexible schedules. Employees build camaraderie through team lunches and sports days. Division heads get together in monthly “Breakfast Club” meetings to discuss fund strategies and market trends. A transparent remuneration programme, which prioritises initiative and accountability, allows for performance-based bonus pay. The firm encourages a healthy work-life balance — which is delivering big results in employee productivity and client satisfaction. Jusan Invest wins the 2021 Best Investment Solutions (Kazakhstan) award.