iEnergizer: Best Business Process Outsourcing Solutions India 2021


iEnergizer began as a business process outsourcing (BPO) operation in India with a small team and client roster — now it has a global workforce of 23,000 professionals delivering service to Fortune 500 clients. Over the company’s two-decade history, it hasn’t lost a single client due to operational inefficiencies and has won many new clients by word-of-mouth. It works with clients across a range of geographies and industries, including healthcare, banking, financial services, insurance, publishing, legal, gaming and utilities. Four of the top online gaming companies trust iEnergizer to handle BPO services like accounts receivable, customer lifecycle management, inventor and shareowner services, sales fulfilment, market research and analytics, quality assurance and back-office support. It also offers content delivery services for K-20 education, publishing and conversion, corporate learning, IT services and data management. iEnergizer helps brands to optimise operations, increase profits and stay competitive. It customises solutions to client needs, offering high-quality services in a cost-effective manner. Clients start with significant initial savings and minimised upfront capital expenditures. The savings are ongoing and add-on business lines come at a discounted rate. iEnergizer promises consistent brand alignment, rapid service deployment and scalability across geographies. iEnergizer is a frequent victor in industry awards ceremonies, recognised for excellence in outsourcing and customer service. The judging panel concurs with the growing consensus: iEnergizer goes beyond outsourcing to act as a multi-disciplined, brand-dedicated partner. The jury announces iEnergizer as the 2021 award winner for Best Business Process Outsourcing Solutions (India).