Forsyth Barr: Best Investment Banking Services New Zealand 2022

Forsyth Barr

A commitment to customer service underpins every activity at Forsyth Barr, a New Zealand-based investment bank which has earned a reputation for problem-solving and risk management. Forsyth Barr, established in Dunedin in 1936, has broadened its horizons over the years, expanding from its core stockbroking activities, and moving into the provision of fixed interest monitoring services and investment solutions. The company continued to expand during the second half of the 20th century, developing cash management and nominee services, portfolio management and low cost retirement funds, and opening offices in Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland and Invercargill. Growth has continued, through acquisition and partnerships, and Forsyth Barr now operates 24 offices across New Zealand, providing investment advice and portfolio management covering more than $20b of clients’ investments. In December 2021, the company announced the launch of a specialist funds management operation, Octagon Asset Management – a new entity designed to expand Forsyth Barr’s established funds management offering, with the aim of breaking into new markets. The business is fully focussed on sustainability, and has recently joined six other major companies in New Zealand to support an ambitious initiative to tackle the country’s housing shortage. The Aotearoa Pledge, based on the Maori name for the country, is bringing together investors from a range of sectors, and community housing providers to create a $100m fund to help finance affordable new homes across New Zealand. In 2022 the judging panel is pleased to present Forsyth Barr with the award, Best Investment Banking Services New Zealand.