Chunghwa Telecoms: Best Telecom Holding Governance Asia 2021

Chungwha Telecom

Chunghwa Telecoms, the largest integrated telecom service provider in Taiwan, describes itself as a pioneer of smart living, and an enabler of the digital economy. In the fast-moving world of communications technology, the Taipei-based company, which employs more than 20,000 people in Taiwan, works hard to stay at the cutting edge. The business celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2021. Today, Chunghwa Telecoms has the highest market share in terms of revenue and subscribers in the sector, outperforming its rivals in mobile speed and coverage. It operates its own satellites and runs the largest network of undersea cables, linking locations around the world. The company is currently expanding its 5G network with the aim of achieving 80 percent population coverage, focussing on areas of high business demand, particularly universities, industrial parks, and tourist hot-spots. Chunghwa believes 5G will enhance the competitiveness of Taiwan businesses, and will create a digital transformation in industrial eco-systems and smart-city applications, generating new business opportunities. Chunghwa works to establish a corporate culture of ethical management, adopting a series of business principles which cover areas including a strict prohibition of unethical conduct. Indeed, the company has issued its own “guidelines for conduct” document to clearly define areas of risk, covering everything from bribery to conflicts of interest among directors and managers. The company abides by philosophies of honesty, transparency and responsibility, creating an environment for sustainable development. The judging panel, in 2021, is pleased to present Chunghwa Telecom with the award Best Telecom Holding Governance Asia.