Royal Brunei Airlines: Best Flag Carrier Financial Management Team Southeast Asia 2020


RB Finance Management Team (from Left – Right):
• Maggie Low, Vice President Revenue Finance, Finance -Revenue
• Dennis Co, Vice President Financial Services, Finance
• Nurbahriah Eliza Abdullah, Chief Financial Officer, Finance
• Karl Lim, Vice Presdient Fuel & Insurance Management, Fuel And Insurance Management Section
• Sherwin Garcia Santiago, VP Finance Operations, Finance

Brunei Darussalam is a hidden gem of peace and prosperity on the island of Borneo. The tiny nation boasts one of the highest per-capita GDPs and some of the world’s most productive oil and gas operations. Royal Brunei Airlines invites tourists to experience all the country has to offer, including its famous golden-domed mosques and biodiverse rainforest reserves. The airline offers regularly scheduled flights across Asia, the Middle East, Australia, and the UK. There are more than 30 destinations in its network, including London, Dubai, Tokyo and Melbourne, while code-sharing and interline agreements add more destinations. This boutique airline has become a well-known name in the tourism industry. Royal Brunei Airlines, a wholly owned government airline, is a 4 star Skytrax and 5 star APEX rated airline known for its service and warm Bruneian hospitality. The business features a solid finance structure and consistently hits its performance objectives. Significantly, Royal Brunei Airlines also supports the productivity and growth goals of numerous companies across a broad range of industries. The judging panel was impressed by the financial management skills that are underpinning this airline’s progress. These are trying times for tourism, with embargos on international travel threatening many players, but Royal Brunei Airlines has proven a competent captain despite the turbulence. When health and safety measures grounded 95 percent of its international flights, Royal Brunei got creative and started booking private chartered flights. For its ingenuity, perseverance and impressive financial nous, the judging panel presents Royal Brunei Airlines with the 2020 award Best Flag Carrier Financial Management Team (Southeast Asia).


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