Red & White Consulting Partners LLP: Best Business Transformation Consultancy Boutique Singapore 2020


Got a business problem? Red & White Consulting Partners, a boutique firm based in Singapore, can probably solve it. The firm was established by veteran bankers Eric Sandosham and Sally Taher seven years ago. The partners have a knack for solving problems based on their data-driven mindset, and dozens of international companies have trusted their well-crafted analytical solutions. Red & White Consulting’s boutique size allows it the flexibility to unlock cost efficiencies and customise services. The firm has developed a set of solutions covering talent, financial, and business analytics, providing clients with insights that lead to better decision-making across the board for human resources, finance or strategic objectives. The Covid-19 crisis has caused unprecedented challenges worldwide, and during these times, the Red & White Consulting has delivered data and analytics oriented upskilling and advisory to help their clients survive these trying times and thrive in the New Normal. The judging panel congratulates Red & White Consulting Partners, a repeat programme winner, on claiming the 2020 award for Best Business Transformation Consultancy Boutique (Singapore).