Containers Printers: Best Sustainable Packaging Technology & Most Innovative Packaging Team Southeast Asia 2020


Since its launch nearly four decades ago, Containers Printers has sought to enrich stakeholders and society by rooting the business in sustainability and innovation. The Singaporean company has evolved into a one-stop-shop packaging specialist, offering a full spectrum of metal and flexible laminate packaging solutions to customers in more than 30 countries around the world. It has developed an ongoing sustainability programme to optimise energy efficiencies and reduce carbon emissions. Containers Printers facilities have recently been upgraded with LED lighting and solar photovoltaic (PV) panels and new equipment to improve energy-intensive machinery, such as AC units and air compressors. The company’s sustainability programme aligns with Singapore’s commitment to the Paris Agreement. Containers Printers has been approved as one of 18 companies for a nationwide government scale-up initiative, which aims to upskill management capabilities and expand the product range. Containers Printers has a reputation for innovation as a supplier of sustainable packaging products with a clear focus on transparency and traceability. This progressive company has aligned operations and objectives with the megatrends of the day, from climate change and sustainability to big data and Industry 4.0. Investments in sourcing, technology and R&D have allowed the company to address pain points of clientele with more challenging manufacturing requirements. The continuous investments have led to collaborative agreements with multinational corporations and global institutions to develop and commercialise new products. The judging panel recognises Containers Printers, a repeat winner, with the 2020 awards for Best Sustainable Packaging Technology and Most Innovative Packaging Team (Southeast Asia).