Commonwealth Bank of Australia: Best Personal Banking Services Australia 2019


Personal banking has always been of paramount importance to the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CommBank). The bank provides a comprehensive range of services and products that ensure the highest level of personal care and attention. Its savings accounts cover the various expectations of account holders in terms of flexibility, accessibility, competitive interest rates and rewards. The website explains clearly the benefits of each in terms of transactions and savings options, helping customers make the right choice. Its digital offering is impressive; the CommBank award-winning app is extremely user-friendly and allows individuals to select the features shown on the screen, set saving goals, and track spending. The app sends an alert if customers pay a utility bill twice and issues a warning as the grace period on a subscription service draws to a close. The bank also has an account for the under 14s and a corresponding Youth App which encourages younger savers to learn how to manage their money in a fun and easy way. The bank offers solutions for teenagers, students and young professionals and is open and receptive to people who have relocated to Australia. CommBank’s credit card awards programme is the country’s largest and can be redeemed with over 150 online bonus partners that include top retailers, hotels and travel agents. Considering the high level of customer care and first-rate loan and insurance solutions provided, the judging panel names Commonwealth Bank of Australia as recipient of the 2019 award for Best Personal Banking Services Australia.