Touché: Most Innovative Payment Authorisation Technology EMEA 2018

Cash is no longer king, according to Touché, the revolutionary fintech company bringing payments to your fingertips. The Singapore-based company was founded in 2014 and has expanded globally, with offices in Barcelona, Tokyo, and Dubai. Touché’s flagship product features biometric-based identification to facilitate hassle-free payment solutions and automate entitlement privileges. Touché matches a hardware device with a software package to enable customers to authorise payments with a two-fingerprint biometric scan. Customers register by creating a Touché wallet, which consolidates the users’ payment methods — from credit cards to cryptocurrency — as well as loyalty rewards programmes. The device sports a secure biometric sensor that’s FBI-certified, and allows Touché to go beyond mere payment solutions. By combining industry and customer diagnostics, it gathers information for both sides. Customers can instantly claim points or discounts at the point of sale – without the need for vouchers or membership cards. Merchants can use the data analytics of consumer behaviour to compile comprehensive CRM databases, offer personalised recommendations, and create tailored rewards programmes. The judging panel believes that biometrics will play a key part in the future of FinTech, and applauds Touché for its pioneering spirit. The judges present the company with the 2018 award for the Most Innovative Payment Authorisation Technology (Europe, Middle East, and Africa).

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