SBM Securities Ltd: Best Stockbroker Indian Ocean 2019

SBM Securities Ltd team

Globalisation can elevate small countries with the right skill resources and infrastructure to challenge larger world players for more of the market share. The island nation of Mauritius entices foreign companies to establish operations with its favourable tax structure and entrepreneurial incentives — which SBM Securities Ltd aims to leverage to establish the country as an international hub for financial services. SBM Securities Ltd serves its parent company, SBM Holdings Ltd, as the stockbroking arm of the group, and is licensed by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) as a full-service investment dealer. It operates under the umbrella of SBM Capital Markets, and is the only bank in Mauritius to be granted an investment license. It employs a team of dedicated professionals with an impressive track record of navigating local and international finance markets. SBM Securities Ltd offers investment products for individual or institutional clients, from shares, bonds and mutual funds to IPO listings, underwriting services and dual currency investments. The company has streamlined its corporate structure to pool resources across the group and broaden its spectrum of products and services. It has overhauled its internal IT portal to maximise efficiency and access to information, and will this year launch an app to give customers on-the-go control of their investments. SBM Securities Ltd bustled through a busy 2018, adding three listings to the Stock Exchange of Mauritius, and extending the work schedule of its trading desk to allow greater access to all markets, including the US and Asia. SBM Securities Ltd first attracted the attention of the judging panel in 2017 for its comprehensive suite of investment tools. The judges are delighted to honour SBM Securities’ continued development with fresh recognition —the 2019 award for Best Stockbroker (Indian Ocean).

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