Government Pension Fund (GPF): Best Pension Fund Governance Thailand 2019


Thailand’s Government Pension Fund (GPF) is tasked with looking after members’ savings — and it’s a responsibility the company takes to heart. The way forward, in GPF’s opinion, lies within good corporate governance principles paired with an investment approach that prioritises sustainable development. GPF follows a strict code of ethical conduct and strives to avert any conflicts of interest with caution, honesty, and scrupulous accordance with regulations. Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals guide the organisation. At present, GPF throws its weight behind ESG recommendations throughout the stakeholder network, which includes the companies it funds, the retirees it protects, and the communities in which it operates. GPF was established in 1991 by government decree to guarantee pension payments for retired civil servants and promote member savings. GPF is classified as neither a government nor state organisation, but Thailand’s Finance Minister oversees and supervises the fund’s general management. To balance investment management for healthy long and short-term returns, GPF focuses on reducing the risk of negative returns for any given year. The organisation anticipates the increase of measurable ESG indicators will prove a handy metric for future risk-mitigation strategies and enable it to cherry-pick investments that inspire confidence. As a signatory of the Investment Governance Code of the Securities and Exchange Commission, GPF commits to good governance and forward-thinking management in pursuit of positive returns. In recognition of its highly principled management practices, the judging panel presents GPF with the 2019 award for Best Pension Fund Governance in Thailand.

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