Containers Printers: Best Sustainable Packaging Technology Southeast Asia 2019


Containers Printers is a progressive company with a forward-looking business plan that addresses the megatrends associated with climate change action and the fourth industrial revolution. Founded in 1981, the Singapore company develops packaging solutions that never compromise on quality or the environment. Containers Printers specialises in the printing and production of metal and flexible packaging products and invests considerable effort and funding into R&D initiatives. The company deploys cutting-edge technology and skilled technicians to custom-craft packaging solutions with precision and efficiency. Advances in big data promise to transform the industry, providing crucial insights into customer trends and the optimisation of production and logistics. The company works with clients from 30 countries across Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Australia and New Zealand, providing bespoke packaging solutions that are visually stimulating, responsibly sourced and of the highest quality and safety standards. Containers Printers welcomes client challenges as an opportunity for innovation and collaboration. The company is successful in sourcing difficult types of substrates for industries requiring specific manufacturing capabilities through agreements with multinational corporations and institutions. The judging panel has recognised the company in previous years for its innovative packaging, and the judges are now delighted to focus praise on its environmental stewardship. Congratulations to Containers Printers, the 2019 winner of the Best Sustainable Packaging Technology (Southeast Asia) award.