ValueLabs: Most Innovative IT Solutions Partner India 2018

Driving and enhancing the Company as a Platform (CaaP) model, India’s corporate IT solutions provider ValueLabs has implemented its signatory OneCompany model of engagement that helps businesses develop and market their products and/or services and keep in touch with customers – all the while driving revenue and claiming additional market share.

“Inspired by Potential”, ValueLabs transforms ideas and concepts into real-life applications that power corporates of all sizes. The firm sprang from an initiative to supply advanced software free of charge to Indian schools unable to buy commercially available educational programmes. Twenty-odd years later, and now a major supplier of corporate IT solutions, ValueLabs remains true to its founding philosophy centred on perfection, love, unselfishness, and strength.

The firm’s applications help clients stay well ahead of the digital curve with often ground-breaking technologies that empower businesses and allow them to reach new customers, improve existing relationships, and move into unexplored markets. ValueLabs’ solutions are particularly strong in tracing roadmaps to perfection, identifying pain points and managing end-to-end operations along the way.

The OneCompany approach is a holistic way of running a business: ValueLabs will often bootstrap IT solutions in order for prospective clients to fully realise the potential – some things are better shown than discussed.

The judging panel recognises the uniqueness of ValueLabs’ approach to corporate IT. Instead of deploying fragmented systems, cobbled together to suit the needs of single departments and precariously joined, the company seeks to implement company-wide solutions that bundle and coordinate already available corporate strengths into a single force that empowers businesses to reach their objectives. The judges are pleased to offer ValueLabs the 2018 Most Innovative IT Solutions Partner India Award.

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