New World Development Company: Best Investor Relations Team Hong Kong 2017

A Hong Kong real estate powerhouse, New World Development Company (NWD) has kept a near-perfect synchronisation with its times and environment since its founding in 1970. The company first helped drive Hong Kong’s property boom and then turned its attention to the mainland as China opened up to both pragmatism and investors. NWD deftly and consistently managed to optimise its exposure to economic upswings, delivering a long string of large-scale projects that meet both current and future consumer demand.

NWD started investing in mainland China over a quarter of a century ago – long before other developers woke up to the possibilities. The company currently maintains a Chinese investment portfolio bordering $17bn. NWD also pioneered a sustainable business model that emphasises the need to engage all stakeholders and includes environmental concerns.

The company is lauded for its no-nonsense approach to raising investment funds with streamlined roadshows that present an uncluttered overview of new projects and undertakings, clearly spelling out both risks and rewards in a straightforward manner much appreciated by the investment community.

NWD’s ground-breaking profit-people-planet (3P) approach supplements the corporation’s relentless pursuit of excellence in design and execution – a quest that prioritises aesthetics and craftmanship. In fact, NWD gave rise to the Artisanal Movement in architecture which aims to create bespoke spaces that invoke passion, appeal to the senses, and spur the imagination – and do so without an overbearing presence. As such, the movement borrows from the past to shape the future and deliver subtle perfection from concept to detail.

The judging panel congratulates NWD on its pursuit of corporate harmony. This company, a constituent of the Hong Kong Hang Seng Index, has sourced – and maintained – an exquisite operational balance which allows it – and its stakeholders – to grow and prosper steadily. The judges are pleased to declare New World Development Company winner of the 2017 Best Investor Relations Team Hong Kong Award.

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