Maritime Bank: Outstanding Contribution to SMEs and Innovation Vietnam 2018

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are the unsung heroes of most economies, accounting for about half of all employment and national income. Maritime Bank recognises the importance of the role SMEs play in a country’s economic success – and it aims to make them feel welcome in Vietnam. Maritime Bank is dedicated to facilitating success, offering funding solutions to meet SMEs’ capital demands. Through innovative collaborations, Maritime Bank has streamlined business transactions and procedures, saving businesses time, money, and resources. The bank collaborated with Misa Joint Stock Company to connect e-banking accounts, allowing businesses to manage transactions – free of charge – from within the accounting software, optimising resource efficiency. Working with the Customs department, Maritime Bank is on-call 24/7, combining e-customs with internet banking so SMEs can easily and conveniently pay taxes and make customs clearance. The bank has also developed cost-effective products that allow companies to manage seasonal cash flow. Maritime Bank continues to register sustained growth, proving that its innovative solutions are a recipe for symbiotic success. The judges applaud the bank’s dedication to supporting SMEs, and confer on Maritime Bank – for the second year in a row – the award for Outstanding Contribution to SMEs and Innovation Vietnam 2018.