GVFL: Best Technology Venture Fund Manager India 2018

Managing Director: Sanjay Randhar

Founded in 1990 with the backing of multilateral financial institutions and one of the first venture capital funds in India, GVFL – formerly Gujarat Venture Finance Limited – is the go-to place for investors seeking to maximize their exposure to the buoyant Indian economy – powered by the country’s famously resourceful entrepreneurs. The fund has a stellar track record and set up eight different funds which have participated in over eighty companies.

So far, GVFL has successfully exited sixty businesses it helped built up with strategic investments and its own expertise in management and corporate governance. A total initial commitment amounting to $2m was transformed into value realisation worth over $16 m on exit from one of the investee companies, recently. The venture capital manager is particularly known – and praised – for its knack to pick winning start-ups early on in their development. The GVFL team draws on its own experience and expertise to unlock growth and empower the companies adopted by the fund to seize both opportunity and market share laying the groundwork for accelerated and sustained expansion.

GVFL works in close cooperation with commercial banks and financial institutions to source funds. The firm enjoys a solid reputation and is trusted by its partners to consistently deliver strong returns. GVFL recently launched a fund focused on technological disruptors and companies that seek to leverage their leading edge in specialised high-tech sectors.

The CFI.co judging panel commends GVFL on its foresight. The firm not only knows how to identify exceptional opportunity, it is also peerless in the creation of value. The judges agree to name GVFL winner of the 2018 Best technology Venture Fund Manager India Award.

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