SeABank: Best SME Bank Vietnam 2017 & Best Retail Bank Vietnam 2017

Recognised as one of the top brands in Vietnam, SeABank operates a countrywide network of some 160 branch offices and transaction points. As such, SeABank is one of Vietnam’s leading commercial banks, building on 23 years of experience in retail and corporate banking. The bank is known for its prudent management style, preferring to nurture organic growth and keeping close to its expanding client base.

SeABank has been particularly successful in underwriting Vietnam’s famously dynamic SME sector. Small and medium-sized enterprises form the economic backbone of the country and, indeed, drive its rapid development. SMEs represent fully 97% of all business in the country and employ around 77% of the workforce. The sector is thriving as well: according the government data, owners of small and medium-sized businesses saw their profits increase by around 20% annually, on average, over the past ten or so years.

From its foundation in 1994, SeABank has helped underwrite Vietnam’s SMEs with a comprehensive suite of products and services geared towards providing the means to attain sustainable growth. The bank aims to excel as the country’s premier multifunctional financial services provider and, as such, contribute to the socio-economic development of Vietnam.

aA previous winner, SeABank is no stranger to the judging panel. The judges agree that the bank has managed to keep its prominent position in the market and, indeed, outpace the competition. The judges are pleased to offer SeABank the 2017 Best SME Bank Vietnam and Best Retail Bank Vietnam 2017 Awards.

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