AYA Bank: Best Regional Banking Partner Southeast Asia 2017

A solid brand that inspires trust, AYA Bank has claimed a top spot amongst financial services providers in Myanmar with an approach that promotes financial inclusion, pushes technological boundaries, and rewards excellence. Founded only six years ago, AYA Bank has proved an almost instant hit with depositors. Last year, the bank saw its balance sheet balloon by over 50%. AYA Bank doubled its capital over the past two years and expects growth to continue unabated, or even accelerated. Management is determined to triple the bank’s capital base over the next three years.

This remarkable growth trajectory is rooted in AYA Bank’s dedication to people – both its own staff and clients. The bank invested heavily in human resources, forging a tight and gender-balanced team (women represent a solid 60% of staff) in recognition of the truism that a bank is only as good as its staff. Taking on board young, talented, and tech-savvy staff has allowed AYA Bank to create a dynamic professional environment that encourages innovation.

AYA Bank is also mindful of its corporate social responsibility and adheres to ESG standards. It was the first Myanmar bank to voluntarily order a human rights audit of its operations. AYA Bank welcomes clients from across the country’s rich demographic spectrum.

The CFI.co judging panel congratulates the bank on its many achievements. The judges are pleased to recognise AYA Bank as winner of the 2017 Best Regional Banking Partner Southeast Asia Award.