ABC Banking Corporation: Best International Bank Indian Ocean 2016


Now in the sixth year of its operations, ABC Banking Corporation of Mauritius, part of the ABC Group, is registering strong growth buoyed by its recognition as one of Africa’s top performing financial services providers. With the markets around the Indian Ocean Basin particularly solid, ABC Banking Corporation has managed to leverage its expertise to attain accelerated growth rates.

The bank expects to profit from the revised tax treaty with India and is confident that the next few years will see a further expansion of its business. Soon to be listed on the Mauritius Stock Exchange, ABC Banking Corporation has seen a marked increase in its capital, welcoming investors from Hong Kong.

The bank, known for its exceptionally broad palette of products and services, and its excellent rapport with customers has already become a hallmark of quality in the highly competitive financial sector of Mauritius. In tandem with its parent company, ABC Banking Corporation has pioneered corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies, taking the lead with a number of initiatives aimed at serving the interests of all stakeholders.

Adopting best international practices and on the lookout for business opportunities, ABC Banking Corporation has adopted a number of internal processes that ensure transparency and good governance. The judging panel is pleased to note that ABC Banking Corporation is committed to maintaining the highest standards. The judges wish to offer the bank, a repeat winner, the 2016 Best International Bank Indian Ocean Award.