AnandRathi: Best Wealth Manager India 2015


Successful investment strategies start at the end: once the investor has defined a clear objective, a path may be traced and followed. It sounds simple, and it is. Given a proper understanding of the nature of money, thus facilitating a holistic approach, goals may be attained in a straightforward manner.

This unpretentious, yet sophisticated, philosophy has underwritten the remarkable growth of the AnandRathi investment bank. The company, founded in 1994, now comprises a network of over 350 branch offices in India. The bank is also present in Dubai, Hong Kong, and New York. The company employs around 2,500 professionals who serve an ever-expanding universe of clients: corporations, institutions, high-net-worth individuals, and family offices.

Interestingly, AnandRathi does not procure new business with vague promises, hollow-sounding slogans, or rousing multimedia presentations. Instead, the bank prefers understatement and understanding: rather than impress, AnandRathi aims to create an appreciation for its financial management style.

To this day, the company’s founders are dedicated to disseminating an understanding of investment strategies, convinced that clients will follow. The exponential growth AnandRathi experienced has proved the founders right. The investment bank is one of a select few that manage a client retention rate of over 99%.

Another essential component of the AnandRathi formula for enduring success is the company’s unwavering dedication to excellence in client relations. AnandRathi keeps 75 relationship managers on its staff who collectively ensure that investors are kept abreast of all relevant developments and transparency is maintained at all times.

The judging panel considers the AnandRathi style both unique and refreshing. The bank’s famously low-key approach belies an investment prowess and agility that are not just above-average, but positively stellar. The judges are therefore exceedingly happy to confer their 2015 Best Wealth Manager India Award on AnandRathi.

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