Mahindra Group Receives the Corporate Leadership Award, 2013


The Mahindra Group can trace its origins back to the trade in steel during the closing year of World War II. Shortly after the end of hostilities, the Mahindra name came to be associated with automobile manufacturing – a logical extension of the company’s earlier line of business. Over the years that followed Mahindra diversified its business on a massive scale.

Today, the Mahindra Group boasts an annual turnover of some $16.2bn and employs over 155,000 people around the world. The conglomerate pursues business across a wide range of sectors such as agriculture, defence, leisure, financing and IT.

From its earliest days, Mahindra has paid close attention to keeping its ecological footprint to a minimum. The group’s directors have traditionally shown great awareness of their responsibilities as corporate citizens taking a pro-active role in host communities.

The Judging Panel commented: “The Mahindra Group’s potential is significantly greater than the sum of its extremely enterprising parts.” The judges ascribe this to Mahindra’s particular management philosophy that allows the group’s individual parts a maximum of entrepreneurial independence while at the same time maintaining the synergies that ensure efficiency.

Given the Mahindra Group’s impressive and consistent progress over the past 68 years, its inspired approach to business and its exemplary conduct in the global business community, the Judging panel felt justified and thrilled to hand the company its coveted Corporate Leadership award, Asia, 2013.