Edelweiss Wins CFI Corporate Governance Award


We are pleased to announce Edelweiss as winner of the award for ‘Best Corporate Governance, India 2013’.

Many companies have excellent standards of Corporate Governance and India is certainly following the global trend by raising standards. Of course, good corporate governance is about far more than compliance and the panel felt that Edelweiss stands out as an example of a company that has truly taken corporate governance to its heart. Since its foundation in 1996, Edelweiss has prioritised development of the highest standards of governance and has continually improved on these standards. In particular, Edelweiss ensures that the quality and empowerment of independent directors has been one step ahead of the field. Audit and remuneration committees are completely entrusted to independent directors and all other committees have at least equal representation. With so much responsibility for the protection of Edelweiss’s stakeholders in the hands of top level independent directors, the Company has been very successful in ensuring a balance between the benefits of long service director understanding of the Company and that of shorter term engagement . The panel felt this has provided a major contribution to the rapid but sustainable growth of the business. By truly embracing the benefits of best corporate governance, the founders of Edelweiss have ensured that all stakeholder needs are properly taken into account. Edelweiss is an excellent example to companies across the world that have aspirations for growth. Their message is that by trusting in strong and effective corporate governance great things can be achieved.

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