InfraCredit: Best ESG Infrastructure Finance Solutions West Africa 2024


InfraCredit has emerged as a pivotal entity in West Africa, providing innovative financial solutions that deeply intertwine with ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) standards, thus enabling a sustainable future. Established as a specialised credit enhancement facility, its primary mission is to bridge the gap between perceived risk and actual risk, facilitating access to long-term, local currency finance for infrastructure projects. This strategic approach not only mitigates currency and macroeconomic volatility, but also champions financial inclusion by enabling first-time borrowers to access capital markets. InfraCredit’s groundbreaking work has led to the issuance of green bonds in the capital markets, showcasing its commitment to sustainable finance. The organisation’s strategy is underpinned by a clean energy transition roadmap, aligning infrastructure development with climate goals and promoting green growth. This has been achieved through innovation, such as blended finance tools, which enhance risk-sharing and support underserved communities with renewable energy access. Furthermore, InfraCredit has fostered partnerships with key development players, including the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO), to amplify its impact. The organisation’s governance model is exemplary, providing a strong foundation for achieving environmental and social outcomes. InfraCredit’s dedication to enhancing financial markets, driving environmental sustainability, and promoting social inclusion through high ESG standards has established a formidable and truly impressive presence in the industry. A testament to its pivotal role in shaping a sustainable and inclusive future, congratulations go to InfraCredit on its 2024 award Best ESG Infrastructure Finance Solutions (West Africa).

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