Zambia National Building Society: Best Mortgage Provider Zambia 2023

Zambia National Building Society

Over the past 53 years, Zambia National Building Society (ZNBS) has pioneered Zambia’s mortgage market and boosted affordable housing finance solutions for all citizens. Around a third of all mortgages help clients become first-time homeowners. ZNBS reported a 40-percent year-on-year increase of mortgage lending to homebuyers and landlords in 2022 — and the ensuing construction boom created an estimated 1,800 temporary jobs. It has introduced new mortgage products and terms that transform homeownership from a dream to a reality. ZNBS’ 30-year mortgage promotes financial inclusion as more people can qualify for funding with longer repayment periods. A drop in the standard variable rate for a mortgage, from 21 percent to 16 percent, makes homeownership more of a possibility for those with entry-level careers. Mortgage customers could be eligible for a 30-day, interest-free salary advance. Clients with a construction mortgage can apply for a capital repayment holiday up to 90 days. ZNBS hopes to help the diaspora community maintain ties with the homeland by offering mortgage solutions to Zambians living abroad. ZNBS has acquired over 100 hectares of land and begun developing infrastructure for roads, water, electricity and sewage. It intends to sell the parcels at more affordable, below-market prices and finance the home purchase through a mortgage. The judging panel is pleased to note the company’s ongoing efforts to increase affordable housing solutions throughout the country. The jury confers Zambia National Building Society — repeat programme winner — with the 2023 award for Best Mortgage Provider (Zambia).