ThirdWay Partners: Best ESG Merchant Banking Team Africa 2023


The climate crisis necessitates urgent action — and ThirdWay Partners is proud to answer that call. Founded in 2014, ThirdWay Partners is an investment and advisory firm with a proven track record of creating and scaling sustainable, impact-led businesses. The firm argues that the old paradigms of philanthropy and profit-at-all-cost capitalism are too outdated for the modern world. ThirdWay Partners manages three investment vehicles focused on sustainable food production, conservation and local content development. Other areas of focus include the energy transition, natural capital and green finance. ThirdWay Partners offers a range of merchant banking and advisory services, including assistance with capital raising, business model development, market analyses, blended finance fund design and tech implementation. The firm is led by seasoned management and supported by young talent. ThirdWay Partners recruits financial advisors and asset managers from diverse backgrounds and geographies — with an eye for gender parity — to build a team with the highest levels of competence, cohesion and complementary skills. The firm has interests and business relationships across the globe, including a well-established presence in Africa. ThirdWay Partners is headquartered in London with offices in Mozambique, Kenya, Spain and South Africa. It inaugurated the Johannesburg office at the end of 2022 and will be opening more locations before year’s end. The firm is considering new sustainable development funds for the near future. The judging panel present ThirdWay Partners — a fourth-year programme winner — with the 2023 award for Best ESG Merchant Banking Team (Africa).