Sanlam Investments: Best Alternative Fund Investment Team Africa 2023

Sanlam Investments

Sanlam Investments, the largest black-owned asset manager in South Africa, strives to accelerate sustainable development in its own backyard and beyond. The team follows an impact investing strategy that’s closely aligned with the UN’s SDGs. Sanlam targets impact investments in the areas of job creation, reduced inequality and climate action. In 2020, Sanlam launched three “Legacy” funds seeded with its own capital that are expected to create more than 27,000 jobs. It has already deployed $76million in SME investments since inception, including support for Covid-strapped businesses. In 2022, the team celebrated 10 years of impact investments in South Africa. They highlighted SME debt deals and mid-market private equity stakes that have boosted employment, housing and clean energy outcomes. It manages climate funds focused on renewable energies, water management and the protection of coastal ecosystems. Sanlam’s climate finance business is expected to impact nearly two billion people, from South Africa and Namibia to Vietnam and the Galapagos Islands. Since Sanlam Investments’ award win in 2018, AUM in the business has increased more than two-fold, now totalling over $50.6billion and including $2billion in the Alternative business. A strong governance structure ensures no conflict between the balance sheet and third-party investments, which have doubled over the past five years. ESG and impact assets have grown from 24 percent to 52 percent of AUM. The jury continues to find cause for celebration and presents Sanlam Investments with the 2023 award for Best Alternative Fund Investment Team (Africa).