Baker Tilly Kenya: Best Audit & Tax Team East Africa 2023

Baker Tilly ranks among the top ten networks of independent accounting and business advisory firms worldwide. It has established a strong presence in East Africa, with headquarters in Nairobi as well as branches in Uganda, Rwanda and Somalia.

Baker Tilly Kenya has developed decades-long relationships with multilateral organisations to ensure the highest levels of transparency and accountability across the not-for-profit sector. The firm has mastered this niche market. Baker Tilly Kenya partners with UN organisations to implement monitoring systems for funds allocation, particularly in higher-risk countries. The firm provides accounting, audit, tax and advisory services for a wide range of clients, including non-profits, government institutions and private individuals. It has worked with businesses across various industries, like agriculture, healthcare, manufacturing, telecoms, tourism, financial services, oil and gas. The firm takes a zero-tolerance stance on corruption and always strives to operate with the utmost integrity. Clients benefit from the firm’s global network, international helpdesk and omnichannel onboarding. The team has developed in-house methodologies and a new data analysis system to ensure multilateral money is being used as intended. Baker Tilly Kenya was the first firm to offer online audits during the Covid pandemic. Baker Tilly staff are forward-thinking professionals intent on building a better future by doing the right thing today. Mutual respect runs high throughout the firm, and employee turnover remains low.

The judging panel announces Baker Tilly Kenya as the 2023 award winner for Best Audit & Tax Team (East Africa).