Société Générale Guinée: Best Business Bank Guinea 2021


Société Générale Guinée has a 35-year history as a catalyst of socio-economic development in Guinea. It’s a subsidiary of the Societe Generale group and the oldest fully private financial institution in Guinea. A 28-branch nationwide network and modern digital platform ensure clients are never far from assistance. The bank works with a range of local and international individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses and associations, providing the financial services that help to improve quality of life and reach goals. Société Générale Guinée is more concerned with financial inclusion than profits. It makes every effort to bring more people into the financial fold, convinced that together, we all grow. Guinea has many mineral resources, and mining has long been an important part of the national economy. Société Générale Guinée relies on mobile banking to serve the majority in this sector. Mobile banking clients appreciate the ability to access accounts, transfer money and pay invoices — all from the palm of the hand. Société Générale Guinée provides business accounts in local and foreign currencies as well as business checks and a Visa credit card. It also offers treasury services, bond issuance, financing and savings solutions. Société Générale Guinée publishes useful information on its website for new entrepreneurs and organisations about the tax structure and legal requirements in Guinea. The judging panel presents Société Générale Guinée, a bank anchored in the values of responsibility, engagement and team spirit, with the 2021 award for Best Business Bank (Guinea).