Omnia Holdings: Best Sustainable Diversified Chemicals Group Africa 2022


Omnia Holdings was founded 70 years ago, starting in the ammonia value chain and evolving into a diversified operation with a range of specialist solutions for agriculture, mining and chemical industries. The company aims to contribute to a better world through its products and practices. It pursues sustainable economic growth through diversification, technology and innovation, seeking to boost agricultural productivity and resilience. A solid governance structure, proactive stakeholder engagement and collaborative partnerships accelerate progress on the SDGs, which act as guideposts for social responsibility and environmental stewardship. Omnia strives to achieve zero-harm positive impacts, starting with its own people. The group prioritises the safety, wellbeing and development of its workforce and has launched an employee-share scheme enabling workers to benefit from the value they help generate. Omnia invests in the communities where it operates, supporting social initiatives in the areas of education, employment and food security. In 2021, Omnia dedicated 1.5 percent of net profit after tax into community social investment programmes. The group celebrates ESG milestones — improvements in greenhouse gas emissions, carbon credits, renewable energy production, oil recycling and mining practices — and uses them as the springboard and inspiration for further action. Omnia has benefited from the disciplined leadership and strategic alignment of businesses, achieving increased margins, prudent cash management and operational efficiencies that have allowed a significant reduction in debt. The judging panel announces Omnia Holdings as the winner in the 2022 award category for Best Sustainable Diversified Chemicals Group (Africa).