First Registrars & Investor Services: Best Registrar Services Nigeria 2022


First Registrars & Investor Services has been entrusted to look after the shareholder needs of more than 70 conglomerates, investment managers and SMEs across Nigeria. The company provided share register administration services for over 30 years as part of First Bank of Nigeria before becoming incorporated as an independent company in 1999. The bank divested in 2012 and First Registrars adopted its new identity in 2015. First Registrars & Investor Services registered on the radar around this time, due in part to the pioneering leadership of chief executive Bayo Olugbemi. The company has remained at the forefront of registrar innovation and introduced a range of value-adding digital capabilities. Shareholders and client companies can manage and monitor accounts with 24/7 online access. Electronic dividend warrants can be credited directly into shareholders’ bank account. It supports financial inclusion by distributing dividends via prepaid cards for shareholders without a bank account. It promotes active shareholder participation at annual general meetings and pioneered the use of e-voting devices — far more accurate than a show of raised hands. It keeps investors informed on share transactions with real-time SMS alerts. Core data management services ensure information stays up to date, dividends are paid promptly and regulatory reports are filed correctly. It can also assist with private placements, bank mandates, M&As, probate and rights issues. The judging panel announces First Registrars & Investor Services as the 2022 winner in the award category for Best Registrar Services (Nigeria).