Botswana Stock Exchange: Best Economic Impact Securities Exchange Africa 2021


Botswana Stock Exchange (BSE) traces its history to 1989, when the country relied on an informal trading system known as the Botswana Share Market. Today, it’s the only exchange with the authority to operate and regulate the country’s securities market. BSE has proven capable of meeting the capital-raising needs of Botswana companies. The exchange has invested considerable resources in state-of-the-art technology and trading systems. It benefits from a fast development track and strong investor support. Sustainability ranks highly in the business model, and corporate social investment (CSI) initiatives give back to the community. The exchange runs successful CSI campaigns and engages with community organisations and citizens to boost socio-economic progress through educational support. It has provided students with funding for supplies and has helped raise the pass rate in several schools. In terms of public education initiatives, BSE works to cultivate a culture of investing for various demographics, aiming to increase the retail investor base to 100,000 by the end of 2021. These activities including the award-winning BSE Senior Secondary Schools Finance & Investment Competition which was named Best Educational Initiative in Africa in 2019. The exchange modifies strategies appropriately to expand the business, continuously solving problems and creating opportunities. It aspires to be world-class and has established a solid foundation of capital market development in the region, on the continent and through the World Federation of Exchanges. BSE sees itself as a product of its environment: innovative and proactive, just like the companies it lists. BSE is qualified to address any structural issues that might arise without waiting on guidance from outside. The judging panel presents Botswana Stock Exchange with the 2021 award for Best Economic Impact Securities Exchange (Africa).