BK Capital: Best Corporate Finance Advisory Rwanda 2021

BK-CapitalOver the past four years, Rwandan firm BK Capital has positioned itself as an investment gateway with a client-centric focus. The firm is led by an investment team with a strong track record of exceeding expectations. A network of investment contacts provides clients with tailored solutions and advisory services. The panel noted that BK Capital has been the lead transaction advisor for the two major listings on the Rwanda Stock Exchange in the last year, Cimerwa PLC in Aug 2020 and MTN Rwandacell PLC in May 2021. Clients benefit from the firm’s in-house market research, which contributes to informed decision-making. BK Capital offers a suite of advisory services covering corporate finance, deals, valuation and performance enhancement. Risk analysis, financial restructuring and business modelling also form part of its repertoire. It assists corporate clients with the launching of IPOs and the raising, budgeting, and structuring of capital. It can chart a clear path through M&As, joint ventures and strategic alliances as well as divestures and optimised exit strategies. It helps with competitive analysis, pricing strategies, and contract negotiations. BK Capital offers wealth management services, providing impartial financial advice and analysis that put client needs front and centre. It accompanies those clients at every stage of the investment process, helping to develop strategies, administer schemes and report performance. The firm is a subsidiary of BK Group PLC, a leading and listed Rwanda financial services group. The CFI.co judges point to the firm’s innovative products and superior customer service as key factors in their decision to present BK Capital with the 2021 award for Best Corporate Finance Advisory (Rwanda).