Botswana Life Insurance Limited: Best Life Insurer-Botswana 2020

Botswana Life

Founded in 1975, Botswana Life has earned the trust of the people and over 69% of the country’s market share. Botswana Life has been under new leadership since November 2018, when CEO Ronald James Samuels joined the team. Samuels previously held senior positions in the South African financial services giant, Sanlam Group – with shareholder of 58% from the BIHL Group, Botswana Life’s parent company. Samuels is committed to making a meaningful difference during his tenure and ensuring a legacy of customer centricity and exemplary governance. The Botswana Life Chief Executive Officer also serves as chairman of the Association of Underwriters of Botswana and is President of the Insurance Institute of Botswana. These connections have allowed collaboration with regulator to help shape the future of the industry and ensure national compliance and governance. The company focuses on advisory services rather than commission driven product sales. It practices social responsibility by caring for people and supports several educational programmes that promote financial literacy. Botswana Life is the first Botswana insurance insurer with its own training academy. It has embraced technology to enhance its digital sales platform and to lead the competition. Its suite of insurance services includes life, retirement annuities, investment policies and occupational pension benefits. Botswana Life plans to launch a disruptive business next year, offering financial and insurance advice to the whole population, free of charge. Watch this space. The judging panel declares Botswana Life Insurance the winner of the 2020 award for Best Life Insurer (Botswana).

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