Barrick Gold: Best Sustainable Mining Strategy Africa 2020


Barrick Gold is committed to collaborative local partnerships and shared stakeholder benefits. The Canadian company owns and operates gold and copper mines in 13 countries in North and South America, Africa, Papua New Guinea, Dominican Republic and Saudi Arabia. Barrick establishes ownership-stake partnerships with host countries to transform natural resources into mutual prosperity. The company follows a corporate governance code that prioritises sustainability, transparency and accountability. Barrick believes that emerging markets must have a hand in sustainability management. It sources senior executives from national candidates and supports professional development with ongoing training programmes. Its workforce is 97 percent local or national, as is 76 percent of senior management. The company strives to mitigate the impacts of mining operations through the development and annual revision of site-specific Environmental Management Systems. With the exception of four mines in Saudi Arabia and Tanzania, all Barrick mine sites are certified to ISO 14001:2015 — and the four exceptions are on-track to achieve certification this year. Barrick releases an annual report on sustainability goals and progress, and consistently ranks at the top of peer reviews. It exceeded last year’s target for water recycling and reuse: 73 percent overall and 78 percent in water-stressed regions. Listed on the New York Stock Exchange (GOLD) and the Toronto Stock Exchange (ABX), Barrick Gold seeks sustainable returns for shareholders and tangible benefits for stakeholders. The judging panel declares Barrick Gold winner of the 2020 award for Best Sustainable Mining Strategy (Africa).