Atlas Mara Bank Zambia: Best Commercial Bank Zambia 2019


Born from the merger of two operational banks, Atlas Mara boasts 65 branches (representing one of the largest networks in the country), 23 agencies, and 176 ATMs. Atlas Mara Bank Zambia’s commitment to business clients is profound, offering world class solutions and all the necessary banking tools. It responds to client needs by developing disruptive products to fit modern lifestyles. The bank’s mobile wallet, Tenga, offers value-added services, including merchant payments, transfers to mobiles or pre-paid cards, and micro-loans and micro-savings. Atlas Mara Zambia has crammed as many features as possible into the mobile wallet and has made it available in seven Zambian languages. The bank’s wide network extends to harder-to-reach rural areas and facilitates its mission to increase financial inclusion. Atlas Mara Zambia forges partnerships with private enterprises, non-profits, and public entities to enact programmes of impact. The bank partnered with World Panels to donate solar panels to power charging points for people outside the electrical grid. It works closely with central government to deliver various mandates and is collaborating with third-party companies to develop a system to help SMEs build credit history. The bank welcomes the participation of its new majority shareholder, Equity Group Holdings, which has a customer base in excess of 9.2 million and a Moody’s international rating of AA. The judging panel presents Atlas Mara Bank Zambia with the 2019 award for Best Commercial Bank (Zambia).