Afghanistan International Bank CJSC: Best Corporate Governance Afghanistan 2020

Afghanistan International Bank

As the world reels from the effects of the pandemic, Afghanistan International Bank sees its continued success as a boon — and the natural result of more than a decade of solid corporate governance. AIB has earned its reputation as a safe haven through international best practice, sound risk management and comprehensive security measures. Exacting standards qualify the bank as a clearing house for US dollars and pounds sterling. Its status has led to a substantial increase in deposits, despite subdued investment activity. The bank has cultivated a small loan book and remains in constant contact with customers to ensure any potential problems are dealt with pre-emptively. AIB has new headquarters in Kabul City — where its updated IT security system has achieved ISO 27001 certification and transformed the modern facility into a digital fortress. The building has been granted visitation approval by the World Bank and the British and US Embassies. AIB was founded with the mission to drive economic and social development in Afghanistan. It achieves that end with the personal, business and Islamic banking services it provides, and by collaborating with communities to support orphanages, women’s organisations and food distribution projects. The judging panel has followed AIB’s progress over the years, conferring several awards in recognition of its exemplary ethical framework. The judges continue to find cause for acknowledgement, and present Afghanistan International Bank CJSC with the 2020 award for Best Corporate Governance (Afghanistan).