Simba Group: Best Diversified Socio-Economic Value Creation Nigeria 2019


MD: Chief Vinay Grover

To run a successful and sustainable business, profits must be balanced with social impacts. It’s a formula that Nigerian conglomerate Simba Group has been applying over the past three decades for the progress and prosperity of its clients and the country. Simba Group is a diversified corporation comprising five companies across industries crucial to Nigerian development: agriculture, alternative energy, backup power-supply systems, commercial vehicle sales and servicing, ICT infrastructure development, and networking and data transmission. The quality of the group’s products, and its commitment to service, unite the diversified companies. With a customer-centric focus, Simba Group fills the role of service provider and problem-solver, tackling the population’s most pressing challenges: power supply and transport. Simba’s transport division showcases the company’s contribution to the national economy. It can trace its roots to a bicycle business, but now also produces motorcycles and three-wheeled vehicles. These are products that help Nigerians meet their “last-mile” transport needs — and augment their earning potential. Each vehicle creates opportunities for riders, drivers, mechanics, dealers and parts distributors, making the sector one of the country’s biggest employment generators. Simba takes pride in providing clients with seamless power solutions, such as its Luminous “always-on” power inverter, the most advanced of which now comes with an in-built Lithium-Ion battery – a first for Nigeria. The newly launched, Luminous Regalia range are compact wall-mounted units which regulate and store energy to ensure safe and on-demand access to electricity. Meanwhile, on the other end of the spectrum, the Luminous DeLite provides an ultra-affordable entry range of inverters suitable for lighter loads, yet backed by the same level of quality and service that customers have come to expect from Simba. The judging panel is pleased to present Simba Group, a repeat awards programme winner, with the 2019 award for Best Diversified Socio-Economic Value Creation (Nigeria).

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