KenGen (Kenya Electricity Generating Company): Best Sustainable Power Producer East Africa 2018

Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen) is the environmentally friendly and socially responsible company empowering the country, economy, and population with reliable, safe, and affordable energy. KenGen provides 70 percent of Kenya’s electricity, harnessing the power of sustainable energy to generate electricity from geothermal, hydro, wind, and thermal sources. The company is the largest producer of geothermal energy in Africa, and among the top 10 producers in the world. Renewable energies already make up 80 percent of KenGen’s power production, with geothermal being the highest, and the company’s plans for solar power should push power production to 90 percent renewable in the near future. KenGen understands that sustainability can only be successful if future generations continue to work towards it. In 2012, the company established the KenGen Foundation to implement its CSR programmes countrywide, particularly in the communities where it operates. The foundation supports educational, environmental, and water and sanitation initiatives at the local level, funding student scholarships and school infrastructure development and spearheading reforestation efforts. Through local partnerships, the KenGen Foundation has contributed to water projects that now provide clean accessible water to over 65,000 community members. KenGen has been working on a Good-to-Great transformation strategy, building upon its past success to plan for a prosperous future. The judging panel gives KenGen top marks for its good corporate citizenship, and congratulates Kenya Electricity Generating Company on its 2018 award win for Best Sustainable Power Producer (East Africa).