ExxAfrica: Best Geo-Political Risk Consultancy Africa 2019


Those keen to claim their share of Africa’s bounty would be wise to first chart the environment for rapidly evolving risks and opportunities — or to seek a guide familiar with the terrain. Specialist intelligence firm ExxAfrica has drawn a detailed map to help clients mitigate their risks when doing business in Africa. In less than five years, ExxAfrica has garnered a reputation for the depth of its analytical research on political, security, and economic risks across the continent. Quality intelligence leads to better decision-making, and ExxAfrica’s well-researched insights and forecasts are trusted by clients worldwide, from direct foreign investors and banks to governments and military forces. ExxAfrica’s subscription service entitles clients to comprehensive country-specific reports, geo-coded maps of risk events, and daily bulletins of curated news and analyst briefings. ExxAfrica has developed a quantitative scoring system that enables clients to compare business operating environments across 54 African countries over past two decades. Subscribers also benefit from frequently updated and individually tailored datasets based on economic, financial, and social indicators from local and international sources. For clients with more complex needs, ExxAfrica offers a range of bespoke advisory services, ranging from political risk insurance support to socio-economic impact assessment. ExxAfrica provides intelligence of commercial and risk relevance with an element of surprise, always endeavouring to present clients with insights that are fresh and striking. The CFI.co judging panel declares ExxAfrica as the worthy winner of the 2019 Best Geo-Political Risk Consultancy (Africa) award.