Credit Direct Limited: Best Social Impact Finance Partner Nigeria 2019

Credit Direct pioneered the structured non-bank unsecured lending market in Nigeria, serving a previously neglected segment of the population with loan and investment products. The company entered the market more than a decade ago, providing clients of limited means with micro-loans for education, emergencies, business start-ups or purchases. Credit Direct introduced the concept of unsecured consumer finance to Nigeria, at the time considered a risky venture, but its success over the years has encouraged others to follow its lead. Credit Direct welcomes the competition; its goal has always gone beyond the profit motive. It seeks to positively impact the lives of their customers and host communities by filling a huge socio-economic need. The Company’s values which include CARE distinguish it from others in the field and go to the core of its Corporate Social Responsibility plan. Credit Direct upgrades schools and donates educational supplies, provides free health checks and training courses on entrepreneurial skills and service, and grants scholarships to high-achieving students. It sponsors community events to raise financial literacy, and partners with other organisations to support disabled citizens. Credit Direct sees its team as its greatest asset and is proud that its staff are united behind a common purpose. The judging panel applauds the company’s willingness and ability to ease the struggles of many — and remain profitable. The judges declare Credit Direct Limited the winner of the 2019 award for Best Social Impact Finance Partner (Nigeria).