Heritage Bank: Best SME Bank Nigeria 2018

The clue is in the name: Heritage Bank works in close concert with its customers to shape their future and, indeed, create a heritage. The Nigerian bank takes the long view on customer relations and prioritises the people aspects of the financial services industry. The bank’s staff is well trained in all aspects of the banking industry and receives numerous opportunities to further develop skills and embark on a life long learning quest. As a result of its pioneering human resources policy, Heritage Bank is able to deploy its superior knowledge of the local market and dedication to operational excellence to create value for all stakeholders.

The bank also keeps a leading edge over the competition by embracing innovation and advances in technology to offer customers an experience not matched elsewhere. The bank has accumulated a number of firsts during the course of its corporate history. Heritage Bank, then known as Society General Bank, was the first to install an automatic teller machine in the country. Today, Heritage Bank maintains a network of over 160 branch offices throughout Nigeria in addition to close to fifty automated banking centres.

Heritage Bank is particularly recognised for its strong presence in the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) segment – one of most buoyant parts of the market – and perhaps one of its most important as well. As such, the bank stands to benefit from the Nigerian government’s recent decision to improve the business climate for small entrepreneurs.

The CFI.co judging panel notes Heritage Bank’s determination to keep close proximity to its SME customers. The bank also caters to their needs with a comprehensive array of products and services designed to dovetail with the specific requirements of SMEs. The judges are pleased to offer Heritage Bank the 2018 Best SME Bank Nigeria Award.