Banco Económico: Best Bank Governance Angola 2017

The future is made today. To Banco Económico that means laying a solid foundation, grounded in common sense and shaped by ethics, that can support and sustain long-term growth. Founded in 2014 but built on a corporate legacy stretching back to the 1800s, Angola’s Banco Económico possesses an institutional skillset matched by few.

The bank’s operational wherewithal is backed up by an exceptionally strong corporate governance framework that includes carefully matched checks and balances – put in place to ensure both optimum performance and full compliance with domestic and international regulations. By weaving a network of interlocking committees, Banco Económico manages to maintain streamlined internal and external procedures that, in turn, enable the bank to respond swiftly and decisively to changing circumstance – an absolute must in Angola’s transitioning economy.

By adhering to international best practices and maintaining a world-class corporate governance structure, Banco Económico has become a valued partner to global businesses operating in the country. The bank enjoys a nationwide reputation for excellence in customer service and operational efficiency, not least because of its sustained investment in technology.

Internally, Banco Económico keeps an open culture that prioritises collaboration and encourages innovation. The judging panel agrees that the most resilient and profitable banks, paradoxically, often resemble glass houses: structural strength is derived from transparency. The judges congratulate Banco Económico with its achievements and declare the bank winner of the 2017 Best Bank Governance Angola Award.

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