Ghana International Bank (GHIB): Best Africa International Trade Finance United Kingdom 2017

Offering African businesses a window to global markets – and a world of opportunity – Ghana International Bank (GHIB) supports and underpins trade flows and corporates pursuing cross-border deals. Established in 1959 as the London foothold of newly-independent Ghana, the bank now boasts representative offices that cover Sub-Saharan Africa from The Gambia to Kenya.

Whilst GHIB maintains a full suite of products and services, the bank historically gravitates towards facilitating international trade and business. GHIB was an early adopter of fintech and maintains a leading edge in order to significantly speed up the processing of trade document flows. The bank has long been recognised and used by the prestigious Ghana Cocoa Board which regulates this crucial economic sector and remains one of the largest sellers of cocoa in the world.

GHIB has over the past few years been a mandated lead arranger in the flagship African soft commodity syndication for Ghana Cocoa Board. It has, in addition, been the disbursement and collection agent for the past 22 years for this deal. The bank has established a spotless track record and reduced the transit and processing time of trade documents from two months to barely three days, streamlining and adding agility to a previously cumbersome set of procedures.

The judging panel notes that large corporates with interests in Ghana have beaten a path to GHIB in recognition of the bank’s forward-looking approach, personalised services, and dedication to operational excellence and speed. The judges are delighted to offer Ghana International Bank the 2017 Best Africa International Trade Finance United Kingdom Award.