GAINDE 2000: Best Digital Security Solutions West Africa 2016


Considered as a reference in digital services industry in Africa, GAINDE 2000 is a pioneer in several fields in term of paperless procedures and a key contributor in the Senegalese leadership in several aspects of the digital economy. GAINDE 2000 is recognized internationally since 2007 as the first prizewinner of the TIGA’s first edition (Technology in Government in Africa) of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, doubled in 2012 with the prestigious 1st world place of the United Nations Public Service Award (UNPSA) in the category of improving the quality of public service.

A fresh look at GAINDE 2000’s initiatives showed a keen will to master appropriate information technologies to bring solutions to genuine problems while taking into account possible situations on the ground. This entitled GAINDE 2000 an acknowledged know how in Africa leading to the assistance of several governments in its domain of expertise.

Linked to other African companies, GAINDE 2000 initiated the African Alliance for Electronic Trade, an organization gathering 17 countries and working to facilitate E-commerce within the continent, in 2009.

However what has drawn the attention of the jury is works achieved by GAINDE 2000 over the two last years. Two core initiatives have particularly attracted the jury’s attention. First of all on the digital security plan, GAINDE 2000 set up one of the first public key infrastructures in sub-Saharan Africa enabling the issuance of secure certificates necessary for digital signature. A fact making Senegal one of the rare African countries where 100% digital documents are used to carry out valid public formalities. That requirement of security and quality has been confirmed by very demanding ISO certifications such as the 27001 and the 9001 both obtained by GAINDE 2000.

At the same time, GAINDE 2000 has also innovated by setting up on electronic payment means not to add an extra alternative among many other solutions already existing in Senegal, but developing a very secure federating platform that has as main purpose to aggregate all means of payment thus allowing a simplified and secure process to all payers and billers. That innovative approach is a sign of pragmatism from GAINDE 2000 which is a key stakeholder in digital development in Africa.

The judging panel is excited that GAINDE 2000 actively helps streamline all sorts of procedures with its software. By doing so, the company significantly adds to the dynamic of the Senegalese economy. The judges are pleased to offer GAINDE 2000 the 2016 Best Digital Security Solutions West Africa Award.

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