Banco de Fomento de Angola: Best Branch Network Angola 2016

With a view to optimising its proximity to individual and corporate clients – and further improve the delivery of services – Banco de Fomento de Angola (BFA) has invested heavily in its branch network and staff training. The institution now boasts an unrivalled network of 167 service points, interconnected via a fibre optic cable.

The bank has also upgraded its technological backbone, putting in place an IT platform that improves operational efficiencies. As a result, both internal and external processes have been streamlined leading to cost savings and offering account holders added convenience. Systems and processes aimed at fighting money laundering have also been bolstered. New and robust processes were instituted to help mitigate risk and reduce transaction times.

Aiming to establish long-term relationships with all its customers, BFA has earned a solid reputation in the country’s financial services industry for operational excellence. In order to add to customer convenience, the bank recently launched a full-featured app for mobile devices.

BFA’s corporate mission is to entrench the institution as Angola’s preferred financial services provider. To that end, the bank maintains a comprehensive mix of products and services which may be adapted to suit individual account holders’ requirements.

BFA is no stranger to the judging panel. It claimed two earlier awards for excellence. The judges have now focused on the bank’s solid network and are unanimous in their decision to grant Banco Fomento de Angola the 2016 Best Branch Network Angola Award.